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Thoughts and ideas from practicing designers creating the future of technology, brought to you by Snapdocs Design

Wells Riley
Oct 2 · 2 min read

The best designers I know don’t write often. They want to (or, rather, think they should) but can never seem to find the time or a topic ‘worth’ writing or giving a talk about. These designers are humbly focused on doing good work… and they do good work.

There are numerous designers out there who write prolifically. Designers like Jake Knapp and Julie Zhou are huge role models, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot from them. I’m sure many of you would say the same! They inspire me to not only change my process or way of thinking, but also to want to write more often too.

Between work life and home life, it can be really hard to find the time to not only write down your ideas, but find (or gather) an audience who wants learn from them, especially when you’re not publishing on a consistent schedule. Practicing designers often have some of the most relevant, helpful, or progressive ideas about the work we do—what’s working and what’s not—and we believe those ideas should be out in the world.

We created Transform for all the busy designers out there.


We’re the design team at Snapdocs, and we’re on the hunt for interesting stories, novel processes, and unconventional ideas about design. If you’re a designer, or work alongside a designer, who has a story to tell but not enough time or motivation to tell it, we want to chat! Email us:

You’ll also hear from members of our team often. As practicing designers working in the world of real estate, we’re constantly thinking about new ways to solve old problems. We’re also making a conscious effort to write more!

Follow us on Medium to see new stories as they’re published. See you soon!


Thoughts and ideas from practicing designers, brought to you by Snapdocs Design

Thanks to Chelsea Regnani

Wells Riley

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Design at @snapdocs



Thoughts and ideas from practicing designers, brought to you by Snapdocs Design

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