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Aug 29, 2018 · 3 min read

What we do

Native iOS & Android

Companies hire us to build fantastic iOS and Android apps. Beyond that, we are often asked to help with UI and UX design as well as advise on solutions for broader architecture challenges that accompany mobile systems.

Our Approach

Software Engineering

Everyone at Snapp has many years experience building software for companies big and small. If you want great code and sensible decisions, we can help. We don’t excel at fancy presentations or slick pitches — just great software development.

Success criteria

Practical & Pragmatic

We care about usability, code & architecture quality, transparency as well as post-project results. We rally against over engineering, feature bloat and delays to app store releases.

Let Our Customers Explain

Neelay Patel

SVP, New Business Innovation, The Economist

“The wonderful team at Snapp took the numerous array of logistical and technical challenges in their stride.

With minimum fuss and an enduring ‘can do’ attitude, they have have been instrumental in bringing this exciting new digital product to life.”

Maxime Blanc-Strauss

Head of Product, Onefootball

“They repeatedly demonstrated their expertise in Android, both in terms of user experience design as well as technical knowledge.

The Onefootball app now shines on phones and tablets with great user ratings and a place in Google Play Editor’s Choice.”

Sven Falk

Mobile Tech Lead, finanzen.net

“Having Juhani to provide advice and guidance really helped us create an improved version of finanzen.net for Android.

Our users are delighted with the new User Interface — now on both phones and tablets.”

Michael Huebl

VP Product, Flinc

“We had some tight deadlines and needed to get things right first time. We were very happy to be able to bring in some Android expertise.

Teamwork was a key component and we were very happy how it worked out.”

Contact us

If you want to challenge us with a project or just want to chat, drop us a line at

📧 or 🐦

If you are around and you want to stop by for a ☕/🍺, we’re based in a few spots around Europe 👇

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Snapp Mobile Engineering and Design Blog

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