Beyond the smartphone screen

Scalable app design to support tablets and chromebooks

With the evolution of the Chrome OS and large screen devices the topic of scalable mobile UI has never been so actual.

During a short tour of conferences Juhani Lehtimäki and I showcased on stage some of the UX patterns we applied while building responsive layouts and how we experimented with transitions using ConstraintLayout (although the techniques shown in the talk have since become outdated as Google introduced a platform way to achieve the same).

A snapshot from Droidcon Italy 2018 in Turin

The talk is about 30 min. Here’s the video from Droidcon Italy:

Unfortunately the animations are not visible in the recording, but they work in the slides (link below👇).

Stealing the idea from Nick Butcher we uploaded the talk slides on Google Photos. You can find them here:

Thanks to everyone who attended the talk, hope you enjoyed it! 🤟