Designing for Android

Pierluigi Rufo
Snapp Mobile
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1 min readJun 11, 2021


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It’s been almost 10 years since I started designing for Android. What an amazing journey! 🤖💚

Those early days in the Android world were like living in the Wild West.
The platform design language was far from being mature, Material Design didn’t exist yet and UI patterns and components were rough or inconsistently used.

Also the gap between Android and iOS was much bigger than today.
Over the years the two platforms have come closer to each other and they now share much more elements than before.

Looking at these trends, does it still make sense to talk about platform-specific design?
And if yes, does it mean designers have to design the same thing twice?

In this talk I explain why platform-specific design still plays an important role for the user experience and for minimising the cost of customisation.

Furthermore I analyse core patterns specific to Android, including:

  • Interaction patterns
  • UI patterns
  • Motion patterns

You can find the full presentation following the link below.

👉👉 Presentation: Designing for Android 👈👈

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback!