📱 Quick Android Studio Tips & Tricks — Part 1 (change color in logCat)

Oleksandr Sandul
Feb 26, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello, everyone,👋this article is the first a from is the series of articles about Quick Android Studio Tips & Tricks. After I read Donn Felker post on Twitter, I was thinking about it and thanks to you about this tweet 🙌

What logCat first looks like after installing Android Studio.

Image for post
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So this is a very pretty screen but I always lose something important 😱 and we have a chance to change this screen👊

Let's start.

First of all, go to File➡Settings or Ctrl+Alt+S and Editor➡Color Scheme➡Android Logcat

Here you can change the colors of categories to whatever colors you choose.

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My colors

Assert #B9009D

Debug #0455B9

Error #B90200

Info #00B900

Verbose #BBBBBB

Warning #B9B600

And result after changing colors in the Android Studio logCat.

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Awesome, now you will not lose information and won’t spend so much time searching for something important 👼


Setting better colors to your logCat can make a big difference and make your life as the Android developer easier. And don’t shy away from writing articles for beginner android developers✌️

Any comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading and happy coding!!!

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