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Pierluigi Rufo
Feb 2 · 2 min read

Why Shutter Points?

If you’re a photographer, the age old expression “the best camera is the one that you have with you” does not apply. You will want to use your DSLR or the latest mirrorless to get amazing shots you know you can make happen. However, you rarely carry this expensive bulky cameras equipment with you.

What if you encounter an amazing place that you know would be perfect as a background for your next animal photography project or you see a great angle for a sunset between buildings when you do not have the right equipment with you or the conditions are not perfect? You take a note.

How Shutter Points works

The Shutter Points UI presents a collection of the user’s photo notes as a list or a map view. With a quick action, users can add new notes and assign them categories and tags automatically suggested by the app.

Any note can then be found on the spot searching for any of the tags assigned.

How we pushed Shutter Points beyond “just another app”?

Creating a simple note taking app is not difficult. So we didn’t stop there.

Smart categories

To help user to reach their goal faster we utilise Firebase MLKit machine learning algorithms to detect objects and scenes on the images users take. From the information extracted from the photos we infer potential categories we suggest to the user automatically.

We believe that small wins like these are going to be big in the general drive towards better UX. Not all companies need to run massive machine learning systems and huge amount of data. User interfaces and smoothness can be improved with small smarts here and there.

Try the app

Shutter Points is available for free on Google Play:

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