Challenge your friends to walk more

Pierluigi Rufo
Feb 2 · 3 min read

Why SocialSteps?

People track their steps to see how much they walk every day and measure their activity.
Social Steps is a step counter app that lets users connect with their friends and motivate each other to walk more.

The full story of how this project was born and the journey to its launch as MVP to market is described more in detail in this separate article:

How SocialSteps works

Simple Navigation

The core feature of SocialSteps is a simple and intuitive navigation. The main information is located within the Home screen. From here users can access additional content.

User Interface

The UI displays in a graphical way the steps data of the users and the friends competing with them. With one tap it’s possible to access the friend detail screen and see the progress in a 1 : 1 challenge.

A pre-defined color logic assigns a different color to each friend helping the users to better scan and compare their data.

How we pushed Social Steps beyond “just another app”?

Social Steps provided a great place to push the UI design beyond “just an app” with layers of details and delightful motion.


Different types of motions are used inside the app to communicate loading states, give feedback to the users or provide guidance.

The custom toolbar animation reinforces the brand and add a playful interaction to the main screen. The way how it has been implemented it’s described more in detail in the following post:

Wear OS

Wear OS provides an opportunity to extend the app to users’ wrist. In this case we wanted to experiment how core components of the mobile UI would adapt to wearable device. The round main component seemed like the best place to start. The results were good.

Try the App

SocialSteps is available for free on Google Play:

There is also an iOS version of the app developed by José Jeria:

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