Taking a New Approach to a Fascinating Problem

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Aug 8, 2017 · 2 min read

Recently, SnapPea collaborated with Synaptive Medical Inc. — a Toronto-based company that develops medical equipment, software applications, and visualization technologies for the operating room. When they brought the project to us initially, they were looking for our support for the product’s industrial design. As we continued to work together, however, we challenged other aspects of the product and, in the end, we helped them completely re-think the physical design and user experience. Not only did we help them create something to improve the surgical workflow, but during the process, we also generated additional intellectual property (IP) for them. The result is a product that helps Synaptive realize their vision of an integrated operating room.

How did we do it? We started with the initial request and broke it down into its component parts, asking why and how they were used. We explored and reconfigured each part — learning how each one felt to the user and understanding how to optimize their use. Many designers love to jump right into high-resolution, visually-stunning models because they look impressive to their clients. But, at SnapPea, we like to break things down to better understand them. Creating low-fidelity models using every day items from a local hardware store gives you and your clients the flexibility and freedom to try, break, challenge, and rebuild concepts.

With the prototypes that we built, we had the tools to question and validate both Synaptive’s and our assumptions and desired output. Working with the team, we tried out the models and discussed how and when they would be used. We questioned our placement and requirements for each component, refining our vision as we went. At the end of the process, we were in a much different place than where we started. With the concept nailed down, we built a more refined model. The Synaptive team used that model for user testing at a conference where they received great feedback on it.

Curious about the final product? We’d love to tell you, but we also respect our client’s need for confidentiality. When the product hits the market, we’ll be sure to go into more detail. Stay tuned…

We really enjoy the experience and hope to work with Synaptive again soon.

Synaptive pursues connections between medical technology and across medical disciplines to transform the circle of care in and beyond the operating room. Ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients is what inspires and guides their advancements across medical devices, medical imaging and information science.

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