Introducing the SnapStream TV Set-Top Box

We’re excited to announce a new product that works as an accessory to your SnapStream server: the SnapStream TV Set-Top Box.

At an adorable 6.6" x 5.2" x 0.8", it won’t take up much space.

With a SnapStream Server and the SnapStream TV Set-Top Box, watch live & recorded TV on any PC, Mac, Chromebook or television in your organization. SnapStream TV connects to your LAN via your wired or wireless network and it connects to your television via HDMI.

The SnapStream TV Set-Top Box is ideal for classrooms, offices, conference rooms and anywhere you have a TV.

Another benefit is that it’s incredibly easy to use AND to set-up. With simple HDMI output, just plug it into your TV and connect to your network. Use the included remote to access live and recorded TV through SnapStream with the click of a button.

Get details and hardware specs on our website.

At $199, SnapStream TV makes it easy to extend SnapStream to all the televisions in your organization.

Join us for a webinar on Friday, December 16th to get a live demonstration and learn more about the newest addition to the SnapStream lineup.

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