What’s New in SnapStream 8.1

A few of the highlights:

  • Improved YouTube integration
  • Social admin permissions
  • Performance improvements
  • Live TV is back (and better than ever)
  • SnapStream TV Set-Top Box support

Improved YouTube Integration

We’re giving YouTube the attention it deserves. Quickly share TV clips and recordings to YouTube with the click of a button on the SnapStream Web player.

Access posted, queued, and scheduled YouTube videos from the social media dashboard, just like Twitter & Facebook.

Social Admin Permissions

We’ve added new permissions for admins so they can manage all Tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube uploads by any of their users for better control of your content.

Performance Improvements

With 8.1 you’ll experience noticeably faster speed and seamless performance inside SnapStream. The schedule page now loads instantaneously and the program guide is much more responsive, meaning faster loading and less lagging.

The Return of Live TV

You’ve always been able to watch a recording in progress, but we’ve added back the ability to channel surf and watch a TV channel live, all day. Priorities between recordings and live TV will be less likely to conflict. Plus, we’ve added a few new features like changing the channels from within your live TV view with a handy drop-down menu.

SnapStream TV Set-Top Box

Working as an accessory to your SnapStream server, the SnapStream TV Set-Top Box lets you watch live & recorded TV on any TV in the classroom, office, or conference room.

The SnapStream TV Set-Top Box only works with H.264 live & recorded video. If you’re already using the SnapStream Encoders, you’re all set. For customers recording in MPEG-2, you need to switch to H.264. For more information on this, see our guide to recording TV in H.264.

Additional New Features:

  • When making clips, your previous action is recalled by default — saving you extra clicks!
  • Add global “from” address for all alerts, to get through spam filters
  • Play videos on iPhone without auto-full screen

Read the full release notes.