The Future of Local TV News: Social

Examining the current state of local TV news, we notice two trends. 1) Local TV viewership is declining, and 2) About 6 in 10 Americans get their local news from social media.

How can local TV news position itself in this future of digital media? To answer this, we take a look at this changing landscape and into how local TV news stations are keeping audiences engaged on Twitter & Facebook.

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The Current State of Local TV News

According to the State of the News Media Fact Sheet, published by Pew Research, local TV newscasts are following a gradual decline in viewership.

source: Pew Research Center, Local TV News Fact Sheet

While Americans still rely on local TV news over print, radio and network news, the research shows that local TV news audiences tend to be older. Younger adults are more likely to turn to social media for their news.

The Changing Landscape of Local TV News

Surprisingly, the share of local TV revenue from news programming has increased, surpassing 50% for the first time in 2014 (source).

While local news is of increasing importance, the landscape is rapidly changing.

62% of adults get news on social media, according to a 2016 survey by Pew Research. This presents both a challenge and a huge opportunity for station managers.

Rising to the Challenge of Social

To be able to deliver news clips instantly to Twitter & Facebook from live broadcasts used to require large investments of time and money. Someone would need to access the off-air recording first, then the social media manager would need to work with an editor to get a clip cut, then the social media manager would write up the post and upload it with the content.

Luckily, today’s local broadcasters have access to technologies and platforms that are dedicated to simplifying their social workflows. Stations now employ a range of tools to ensure they’re engaging with audiences across all mediums.

And This is Where SnapStream Comes In

With SnapStream, your social team can easily post GIFs, TV clips, and images from your broadcasts to Twitter & Facebook for increased engagement.

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