What’s New in SnapStream 8.2

A few of the highlights:

  • Automatic Channel Changing (SnapStream Encoder)
  • Zoomable Trackbar Delivers More Precise Clipping
  • Near Frame Accurate Clipping of Live TV
  • Watermark Social Posts
  • Facebook and Twitter Improvements
  • More Export Options

Automatic Channel Changing (SnapStream Encoder)

In SnapStream 8.2, your SnapStream Server or SnapStream Cloud can now automatically change the channel on your TV source, whether your TV source is:

  • a cable or satellite set-top box (using IR blasting or IP tuning) or
  • a clear QAM or an ATSC antenna source (using our built-in QAM/ATSC tuner)

After the easy one-time setup, Automatic Channel Changing lets you record from all the channels on your TV source.

Zoomable Trackbar Delivers More Precise Clipping

In SnapStream 8.2, we added a new Zoomable Trackbar to help you find the exact clipping in and out points more easily and more quickly. Show and hide the Zoomable Trackbar by clicking on the magnifying glass seen in the picture below which then shows the new section under the Web Player.

Pick from predefined window durations (5s, 10s, 30s, 1min, 3min, 10min) or pick your own custom start and end points for the Zoomable Trackbar. Once you’ve got the window you want, you can slide it around the main Web Player trackbar. Finally, use the Zoomable Trackbar to select your exact in and out points (down to the millisecond).

Near Frame Accurate Clipping of Live TV

We’ve improved clipping accuracy of H.264 transport streams under the hood so you can clip in-progress recordings with greater accuracy. H.264 transport stream clips are now accurate within +/- 2 frames (vs. being accurate within +/- 10 frames before).

And we’re continuing to work on improvements to clipping accuracy so this will get even better in the future.

Watermark Social Posts

SnapStream 8.2 adds the ability to watermark social posts. Upload a watermark to SnapStream as a GIF, JPG or PNG, adjust the position and location, and then choose to enable the watermark for any social media clip you create with SnapStream.

Facebook and Twitter Improvements

With SnapStream 8.2, Social Media Teams get even more benefits to clipping. We’ve increased the quality on uploads to Twitter and Facebook. Also, administrators can quickly view how many Tweets, Facebook Posts, and YouTube uploads happened from SnapStream for the past month or year.

Number of Tweets, Facebook Posts, and YouTube uploads for the past month or year

Combine those statistics with the per tweet/post/upload figures in the Social Media Dashboard and you don’t have to leave the SnapStream interface to get a quick insight into your Social Media Engagement.

More Export Options

SnapStream 8.2 enables you to export TV clips directly to:

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • FTPS
  • Ooyala

Configure an Export Folder the same as you would for the already existing options for S3, FTP, and SFTP. Then add a Workflow to automatically export or choose the export destination when you create the clip.

And much more…

Read the full release notes.

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