What’s New in SnapStream 8.3

A few of the highlights:

  • RTMP Capture
  • Faster TV Search and Reindex
  • Export to Vimeo and Brightcove
  • Improved Watermarking
  • Timecode Burn-in

RTMP Capture

SnapStream 8.3 adds RTMP Push stream input to the growing list of IPTV inputs you can record with SnapStream. If you’re migrating from SnappyTV, then this should make the process seamless. If you’re streaming live video to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Periscope, then chances are you’re using RTMP, which SnapStream 8.3 can capture.

Faster TV Search and Reindex

TV search has been the cornerstone of SnapStream from the beginning. SnapStream 8.3 increased searching speed by ~75% (1.75x improvement). Fuzzy searches are over 4000% faster. If your archive is large, then you’re well aware of what it can take to reindex all of that content. Reindexing of large search archives is now ~86% faster.

Export To Brightcove and Vimeo

With SnapStream 8.3 you can quickly and easily monetize your content from SnapStream by exporting directly to Brightcove. Using Vimeo for intelligent video sharing? SnapStream 8.3 can export directly to Vimeo, as well. And now that SnapStream can export to so many platforms, you can set permissions on each of those export locations and automatically create thumbnails for your exports.

Improved Watermarking

SnapStream 8.3 enables you to preview watermarks and add them for exports, ShowSqueezes, and screenshots.

Video-Embedded Timecodes

SnapStream 8.3 can burn timecodes into videos when you ShowSqueeze and clip.

Other Stuff

SnapStream 8.3 also brings VTT caption importing, description field editing while creating and exporting a clip, and much more.

Schedule Upgrade to 8.3

(Usually 1 hour) 
SnapStream’s support team will perform the upgrade via a remote session.

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