What’s New in SnapStream 8.4

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3 min readDec 1, 2017


A few of the highlights:

  • SnapStream Federation
  • SnapStream Set-Top Box Web Controls
  • Social Improvements
  • Improved Watermarking
  • SnapStream Encoder Improvements

SnapStream Federation

If you have multiple SnapStream servers or clusters, then SnapStream Federation allows you to remotely search your other servers or clusters from your local SnapStream interface. You can create clips via transcript or time-codes and automatically import those clips into your local SnapStream. You can also import the entire recording. Administrators can configure which remote servers users and/or groups can search.

SnapStream Set-Top Box Improvements

SnapStream Set-Top Boxes are much easier to manage and control. Administrators can choose media items or channels to play and select which SnapStream Set-Top Boxes should play them. If you have an important announcement or breaking news, then you can instantly change all the set-top boxes in your organization/school to that channel or recording, all via the Web UI.

Managing thousands of SnapStream Set-Top Boxes is easier with the ability to search by group, name, or serial number to play, stop, or configure. Limit the aforementioned important announcements to a specific campus or building.

Social Improvements

SnapStream now supports Twitter’s increased character limit from 140 to 280 characters per tweet. Take full advantage of the increased limit when tweeting TV clips or GIFs to all of your followers. In addition, if Twitter has whitelisted your handle for 10 minute video uploads, then SnapStream automatically detects and unlocks for each whitelisted handle.

Improved Watermarking

SnapStream 8.4 allows you to configure multiple watermarks. You can choose which watermark you want per TV clip or GIF. Configuring multiple watermarks gives you the option to quickly swap out one of your brands’ logos for another or choose a different alpha level or color scheme depending on the colors in the video.

SnapStream Encoder Improvements

SnapStream Encoders can scale the audio volume for each of your inputs. Equalize your different input sources so that all of your TV recordings sound the same.

SnapStream Encoder transmission and tuning issues are easier than ever to diagnose and correct with improved logging and safety nets to minimize or eradicate missing recordings and incorrect channel tuning.

Other Stuff

In addition, SnapStream 8.4 includes many other customer feature requests, including remuxing H.264 transport streams to MP4 via workflows, editing manual job descriptions when creating the jobs, cloning an existing security group and much more.

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