What’s New in SnapStream 8.5

A few of the highlights:

  • New Frame Accurate Clipping Engine
  • HLS and MPEG-DASH Recording
  • SnapStream Federation Improvements
  • Display of manual recordings in the Program Guide
  • SnapStream Set-Top Box Improvements
  • Play by Channel and Time
  • More Exports
  • Twitter Monetization

New Frame Accurate Clipping Engine

SnapStream 8.5 features a new frame accurate clipping engine that creates clips faster than previous versions of SnapStream. You can get your clips to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube even faster than before. In addition, the resulting clips from SnapStream are more compatible with external players and editing suites.

HLS and MPEG-DASH Recording

SnapStream now supports recording from the full-suite of internet streaming formats including RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH. Record with ease from your Teradek, Wirecast or other streaming device. If you’re sending a stream to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope or other popular internet streaming destinations, you can now record that stream with SnapStream.

SnapStream Federation Workflows

SnapStream Federation allows you to access TV recordings from any of your organization’s SnapStream servers, anywhere in the world. For example, if you miss a TV recording on your East Coast SnapStream, then you can pull that TV recording from your West Coast SnapStream to your local East Coast SnapStream. In addition, SnapStream 8.5 provides a workflow action that automatically exports a TV recording or clip to another SnapStream via Federation.

Manual Recordings in the Program Guide

For your manual recordings (i.e. recordings without Program Guide data), with SnapStream 8.5 you can view those scheduled recordings by title in the Program Guide rather than a list in the Schedule tab.

SnapStream Set-Top Box Improvements

Writers’ and Producers’ rooms no longer need a complicated computer setup for their TV. With SnapStream 8.5, the SnapStream Set-Top Box adds playlist support, so you can create a Playlist at your computer and then present that Playlist seamlessly in your meeting via the SnapStream Set-Top Box.

The SnapStream Set-Top Box is much easier to configure with proxies and custom NTP servers and it’s much quicker and simpler to diagnose connection issues.

Play Recorded TV by Channel and Time

SnapStream 8.5 adds a simple way to watch TV recordings without browsing and searching. If you only know the date, time, and channel you’re interested in watching, for air-checks or because that’s all your editor gave you, you can select the date-time-channel and SnapStream will pick the correct TV recording and start playing.


If that’s not enough, SnapStream 8.5 also brings three new exports (Azure, OneDrive, Box), Twitter Monetization, toggles for turning off cleaning of closed caption data, real-time alerts for missing closed caption data, a workflow filter for the user or group that created a recording job and more…

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