What’s New in SnapStream 9.1

A few of the highlights:

  • Clipping Bookmarks
  • Live Streaming (Beta)
  • Analytics
  • Advanced Folder Permissions
  • Exports
  • SnapStream DVB-T Encoder
  • Avid and Premiere Web Player shortcuts
What’s New in SnapStream 9.1

Clipping Bookmarks

SnapStream 9.1 brings a new concept: Bookmarks. Bookmarks are fully editable in and out points and a title for a clip that you intend to clip, tweet, post to Facebook or upload to YouTube. You and your colleagues can perfect the in and out points and then create a clip, tweet, post or upload from the Bookmark.

To create a new Bookmark, set in and out points the same as you would as if you were creating a clip. Then enter a title for the Bookmark. That’s all there is to it. Now you and your team members can view all of the Bookmarks and clips for the recording or live stream you are watching.

For example, you heard a politician say something weird on the news and you want to tweet a humorous meme commenting on the moment, but you need advice from a senior member on your social media team. Set in and out points and create a Bookmark. Share the Bookmark link with your colleague via slack or tell them to watch the same recording or stream you are watching. Your colleague then modifies the in and out points and modifies the title. Then you or your colleague click the tweet button on the Bookmark, set any cropping and the meme text you need and you’re done.

Live Streaming (Beta)

Live streaming is becoming more and more common daily. In SnapStream 9.1, we added the ability for you to live stream any recording, clip, or live stream from your SnapStream Cloud, Encoder or Server to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Periscope. We encourage you to try live streaming from SnapStream.

If you’re shooting a live show that you’re streaming to Facebook Live, then send that live stream to your SnapStream Cloud or Server and we will stream it to Facebook Live for you. Now you can record the live stream, tweet memes and upload clips while you’re shooting the show!

As with everything we write, we would love to hear from you about your experience. Let us know if you love our live streaming and if there is anything we can do to improve.


Some of you need to measure which recordings or clips are being viewed, by whom and how frequently. In SnapStream 9.1, we created a powerful reporting system for administrators. Quickly show a graph of recordings on a specific channel and export that data to help determine if you need to change your recording schedule or acquire more capacity. Administrators, please explore the new Analytics interface to see for yourself how powerful it can be.

Advanced Folder Permissions

With SnapStream 9.1, you have more control over what groups and users can do in your folders. For example, if you need to give access to a folder to many users and groups, but want to limit who can delete recordings there, now you can. If you want to stick to the simple permissions system, then just leave the fine-grained permissions disabled for that folder.


As always, we listen to your requests for export options. In SnapStream 9.1, we added export to Sony Ci and Frame.io. If your producer approval process uses one of these platforms, then now you can export the items manually or automatically to hasten the process and get your content to your viewers as soon as possible.

SnapStream DVB-T Encoder

The SnapStream DVB-T Encoder allows you to ingest broadcast signals from digital antenna (DVB-T) coaxial RF inputs and convert them into compatible H.264 IP streams for recording or multicasting over the LAN.


SnapStream 9.1 has so much more, like common (Avid and Premiere) Web Player shortcuts, a Visual Recording Schedule Grid, Live TV in the Multiviewer, and more. Please read the full release notes.

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