Selling Websites to Screwing Up in 10 Days

We all make mistakes.

Some of us are more frequent at it than others. Especially those trying to achieve things faster.

“I have just seven weeks,” a very dear friend told me after quitting his job recently.

He is a super talented designer but had no business experience or knowledge.

Still he wanted to start a company that would design websites for startups.

“You don’t have funds, you have installments to pay and you can’t afford to not earn. This is a stupid idea,” I was blunt.

Nevertheless. He had faith in his designing skills and started off with a 3-point drawing board structure for his business.

1. Contact People on LinkedIn

2. Make Them Website

3. Earn Money

That’s it. No specifics. And he was the only one working on all three aspects. Naturally, given that he was short of money and time.

A) Getting Started Day 1

Day 1. He started sending messages to people he knew over LinkedIn offering a free sample design for their businesses. I really like his idea of showcasing the product first before selling anything.

However, the plan required sending at least 100 messages daily to get at least 10 useful replies. Still he did that diligently.

B) Winding Up Day 10

Day 10. There was not a single order yet. It made him furious and anxious.

He started sending hundreds of messages, texts and emails in every direction until the blunder happened.

In desperation, he was sending out random domain names to generate some interest.

“Wouldn’t you be interested if I sell you your name’s domain,” this was his rationale.

Unfortunately, he didn’t even check if the domains were available before sending messages. One of these messages went to an unknown girl. And the mentioned domains belonged to a call girl.

She was probably sleepy at that time. Next day, there were a lot of more ‘crude’ exchanges. She threatened to lodge a complaint, which scared the hell out of this guy. He was scared to the point of deleting the LinkedIn account.

What should he had done differently? Can you create awesome business with time brackets?

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