— Easy & Free NANO API for Developers

Introduction is a free, scalable and secure Nano API that makes developing on top of its network easy as pie.

Allowing any developer, independent of his tech stack to be able to start building or integrating on top of Nano. From apps, websites, games or any other application that can benefit from Nano.

You can register at for free and get your API Key! 
Make sure to check our documentation page also.

As time goes by we will release different libraries for Python, .NET, NodeJS…etc to make things even more efficient and simple.

Why create

When a new and better technology is introduced like Nano, it needs to overcome and grow beyond the current ecosystems that use the older & less efficient ones like Bitcoin for settling payments.

The only way you can overcome these is by having the right set of tools available for anyone to build on top of it in the most efficient manner, allowing anything to happen.

Nano’s core benefits are so good for many applications, that having an easy way for any developer to jump in was obvious to us.

Focus on what is important removes any worries, headaches or staying up to date with the latest Nodes while integrating Nano to your app so you can focus only on taking the advantage of its qualities, fee-less and near instantaneous settlement over the network.

We worry about all the rest while you focus on what is important.

How to Sign-up?

Simple, register at for free and get your API Key!

Head over to to read more about how it works.

Future updates

· 2FA + IPAUTH are currently been tested privately and will be released in the next few days.

· Library for Python should be released this week.

Final thoughts

The way we see it Nano is like fire, it is revolutionary and can be applied on many things, however, developers need an easy way to interact with it when they are learning how it works and take advantage of its benefits.

If you are a developer, and you wanted to try cryptocurrency but got pushed away due to all the different technologies and how they work, with Snapy dealing with Nano will feel like interacting with a shared database except it is fully secured and verified by the Nano network consensus!