Introducing Nano Jams!

Mike Doyle
Sep 25 · 2 min read

Since the start of, we’ve had a clear view of how we wanted to move forward the growth of Nano. With new ideas, applications, and attracting interested developers — by having fun and learning about Nano simply and easily.

We think it is time to announce the first NanoJam!

Date — First Edition

Start: Friday 11th of October 2019–18:00 GMT +2
Ends: Sunday 13th of October 2019–18:00 GMT +2

How it works

Just like joining a music hobby-band with friends, but with a competitive edge and focused on building the future ecosystem of Nano!

Nano Jams are a weekend competition, running from Friday to Sunday. Community builders are invited to sign up and form teams to create an application, game, or website that uses Nano in a unique or fun way.

Each project presented will be evaluated based on different areas by community judges that will rotate on each ‘Jam’.

Prize pool is 200 Nano up for grabs.

Update: Over 838 Nano have been donated. 1038 N Prize pool!

5 Quick questions!

We have created a survey to let the community decide on how the Nano Jams should be run. Please let us know what do you think is best!

Nano Jam Survey:

Talk, share ideas and build around Nano!

Share the event with your friends!

Tell your friends to clear that weekend and join you to form a team! Developers, designers, and community members — Every person is valuable as we all have ideas, it is just a question of funneling them and making them a reality!

Join our Discord!

In the next few days we will be setting up all the follow-up information regarding the event there, so make sure to join so you don’t miss anything!

Discord link:


Simple, Scalable & Secure Nano API

Mike Doyle

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CEO & KPI-Gaming — Esports & Crypto fanatic; Also building



Simple, Scalable & Secure Nano API

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