Nano Jam One Concludes

Mike Doyle
Nov 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Update 25/11/2019
Due to some confusion in some repositories, there was a penalty applied for the Distributed POW that has been now removed, making them the new winners. At the same time, the prize pool has been redistributed to four winners.

Dear Community, the winners of the first Nano Jam One are here.

Total Prizepool was 200 NANO from Snapy + 933 NANO from community donations!

Final winners

1st — 500 NANO — Delegated POW — 89,35 Points
2nd — 300 NANO — — 79,9 Points
3rd — 200 NANO — NANO: Nanowords — 66,8 Points
4th — 113 NANO — Nano RPC — 64,3 Points

5th — Distributed Vanity — 62,45 Points
6th — — 56,84 Points
7th — Gini Coefficient — 46,32 Points
8th — Nano Music — 44,90 Points

How points were awarded

Each project will receive points from Community members, official judges and the Snapy team, as follows:

Community vote: 40%
Official judges: 30%
Snapy team: 30%

Each one will award a maximum of 105 points to each project.

That total amount of points will be multiplied by the % above, once all have been added up it will give the total points the project has received.

If the project presented was started before the jam it will receive a 30% penalty in its total amount of points.

If the project is not open-sourced, it will receive a penalty of 20%. Both penalties will be added up, making a maximum of 50% penalty should the project be closed sourced & started before the competition.

Big thanks to the community

Before we put an end to this first jam we want to thank all the community members who participated, it was a great experience for new builders to try Nano and engage with community developers!


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