7 Things: Questions That Should REALLY Be Asked In Job Interviews

  • **In the spirit of the classic improv warm-up game “7 Things”, these listicles will cover 7 things, truths, thoughts, or actions we ought to think about a little more often***

What’s your biggest weakness? Why are you looking to leave your current position? Why do you want to work here? All practical questions we have to answer during interviews. Yet if only the best of the best are being hired, why do so many of us have to endure…”subpar” co-workers day in and day out? Maybe hiring managers aren’t asking the right questions.

If I could ask 7 questions to determine if I really want to work with someone, they’d be the ones below:

  1. On an average day, how many hours do you typically waste on personal calls and online shopping?

(Follow-Up Question: Can I at least order something using your Amazon Prime account?)

Sorry boss, I only get cell reception in my office between 8–5 except during lunch!

2. Do you know, or are willing to learn, how to make a pot of tolerable coffee?

(Follow-Up Question: Are you the type of person that finishes off a pot of coffee and just walks away, which will certainly lead to a decaffeinated mutiny?)

We could only afford one security camera, but we chose wisely

3. Once clocking in, how long does it take you to get started on your work in the morning?

(Follow-Up Question: Do you feel that preparing from scratch and eating a 3-course breakfast the 1st hour you’re at your desk counts as “work”?)

There’s practically an entire Whole Foods stuck inside my keyboard

4. How blatant are you when it comes to applying for new jobs while at work at your current job?

(Follow-Up Question: Can you promise not to burn through an entire ream of paper printing your multi-colored resume out?)

3 different color toners were drained in the making of this resume printout

5. Do you usually finish food that you’ve stored in the fridge?

(Follow-Up Question: How much experience do you have cleaning up your own rotten sandwich biohazards?)

Anyone call dibs on this yet?

6. How often do you microwave fish for lunch?

(Follow-Up Question: Can you please not clean, gut, and cook the fish in the kitchen sink before work as well?)

Please “scale” back on this

7. Would you rather rinse out and place your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, OR let them pile up in the sink, next to the sink, or even on the kitchen floor?

(Follow-Up Question: How do you sleep at night?)

“But it’s not MY kitchen duty week!”

Your move, hiring managers.

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