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Because Facebook is for your angry aunt

Hey, hi, hello. I’m Kira Leigh.

I write controversial — but funny — articles sometimes.

Funny is good, right?

Well, yes, but we don’t want to submit snark to other publications where it’s not wanted. Your poetry publication doesn’t need your sarcastic poem about the hellscape that is the Department Of Motor Vehicles.

So, if you’re like me, you need a place to put your snark, right?

Enter: Snarketing. Your home away from home. Your classroom for crass humor. The place to put your swear words. The repository for your rants.

The bucket for your ‘fuck it’.

In Snark We Trust.

How do I join and start writing snark?
Reply to this with a comment asking to be added. We’ll reach out and see if you are a good fit. We don’t want vitriol here. We want vitriol with a cheeky smile, and perhaps some truth behind all the grit.

You can also email me at

How do I submit an article to snarketing once I’ve been added to the publication?
Write your article. Make sure to include a nice picture at the top and put applicable tags. Then, see below image. You must click the … and then add to publication. If you’re still having trouble, comment below and I’ll come to the rescue.

What are the rules?
1. No racism, homophobia, sexism, or any bigotry of any kind. This is for funny rants that don’t belong anywhere else.

2. Nothing sexually explicit. This is not the place for it.

3. Swearing is fine but please don’t go completely overboard unless for comedic effect.

4. Your articles have to have some meat to them. Put your time and effort into them. This may be the repository for your rants, but we want high-quality anger. Not just a 300 word article about how you hate the dry-cleaners. I’d accept that if it had puns in it — make it funny!

5. Don’t attack any one specific person. If it’s a rant about a job you had, or a manager, or a coworker — keep names out of this. This is not a place to put your hit-pieces!

And finally — have fun!

Can I contact members of your publication to work with me?
Of course! It might be tricky if they use aliases or don’t use email. Comment below and inquire!

What’s in it for me?
A fun place to put your problems. A rant realm to relieve your super-stress. I’ll also be promoting your articles across all my networks, and if stats are to be believed, a 25k eyeball reach at any given time is pretty great.

What topics can I write about?
Tech, job practices, how annoying your racist aunt is, graphic design no-no’s, the USPS losing your package, feminism, nerd culture, marketing mishaps, reviews of television shows or movies, the cancer that is the Facebook UI, video games, disgusting Starbucks coffee — there’s really no limit. But keep it funny.

It doesn’t have to be sarcastic — if you want to promote something positively, by all means. But it does have to be amusing

Sound good? Reply below! We’re all friends here, and we’re happy to have you.