Woman Stops Reading Comments And Now Has Time To Actually Do Something With Life

Twenty-seven year old millennial Kayt Molina is excited to share her life-changing decision with the world:

So I decided to stop reading the comment sections of things.

For Molina, this includes to comments to her articles on third-party sites which often leaves her in state of anxiety, mild depression, or a horrifyingly dark existential crisis, leaving her contemplating the depth and emptiness of the meaning of her life in the scope of human history. Her alternative reactions include: playing the Sims in bed all day, rolling her eyes and proclaiming she “doesn’t care”, fretting over reactions to what she will write next.

I keep getting accused of ‘navel-gazing’ in my writing which is weird because, in general, I find belly buttons weird. I did finally look at mine and, honestly, I’m not a fan.

Certain comments from readers were left playing in her mind until she took control and stopped reading them all together. Her feelings of personal inadequacy and the limits of language were compounded. Sharing and exposing pieces of herself (even the not-so-interesting pieces) was becoming an exhausting enterprise when she read responses from others.

Eventually I will stop thinking about it and move on with life and realize I love writing and I’m not going to stop. So if they don’t like my ten thousand word account of my baby’s last bowel movement, they can piss off.

Pun intended.

She also decided to stop reading the comment sections of various other internet sources including, but not limited to: Facebook posts, news and lifestyle articles, forums, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, etc.

I found that by actually clicking the article and reading it for myself, I can actually form my own opinions instead of reading what everyone else is saying and assuming, based on the headline.

This has helped restore her faith in humanity, as she no longer has to read people’s negative comments on otherwise positive articles.

I can now assume the best instead of expecting — and confirming — the worst in people.

With the time saved by abstaining from comment sections, Molina now has time to live her actual life and is less concerned with what other people think and say. She now actively seeks out feedback from only experts or people whose opinions she truly values.

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