5 things to read and see

This week learn a new skill in Illustrator, see beautiful minimalist landscape illustrations and check out a great multimedia piece on the Ohio opioid crisis.

1. 53 Helpful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials on YouTube

In case you have a little bit of extra time over the summer, any of these YouTube tutorials might be a good way to brush up on Illustrator or learn a new Illustrator skill.

2. What designers can learn from the Museum Of Failure

Failure can often seem like something to be afraid of. But it can also be inspiring to see big companies make big mistakes but still find success in other ways. Failure doesn’t have to be the end of an idea; it can be the start of another one.

3. 9 Top designers on what every new grad should know

For graduating seniors or those who have already graduated, it’s always good to hear some words of wisdom from people who have already succeeded in the industry.

4. Could a rebranding help give teachers the prestige they deserve?

The Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt has created a new visual identity based on the idea of connecting the dots to help move away from the ABCs, apples and pencils usually associated with teaching.

5. Exotic destinations on earth illustrations

These beautiful minimalist illustrations of some of the most exotic destinations on the planet are great for poster design inspiration by showing landscapes in new ways.

Page Designs

  1. Opioid epidemic devastates southeast Ohio with overdose deaths and addiction | The Post, Ohio University

This article is from a couple of months ago, but the online version is extremely well done and deserves recognition. It’s divided into multiple sections, from “The Big Issue,” to legislation and resources. There are infographics, pull-quotes and factboxes that all contribute to a really well-rounded look at the opioid crisis in Ohio.

2. California Dreamin’ | The Daily Californian, University of California Berkeley

I really like how for special editions, The Daily Californian sticks with using bears to represent the average student. It’s a smart way to be inclusive. The illustration for this cover is also fun, and using watercolors with a light color palette keeps it looking “dreamy.”

3. Songs of summer | Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University

Keeping all of the cutouts of the different artists condensed to just the middle of the page is a good way to keep it from being overwhelming. The white space is also well-used, and the touches of yellow keeps the page cohesive.

4. Fine-feathered roommate | Ball State Daily News, Ball State University

The graphic for the roommate finder is simple and cute. Using red helps it pop online, and the 2D hatching chicken is really cute and ties in well with the headline.

5. Education budget cuts + school privatization = a really bad deal for Syracuse students | The Daily Orange, Syracuse University

The illustration does a really nice job of staying school-related with the lined paper, and also New York-related. But I do wish that there was a little more focus on the money and privatization aspect of the column.

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