5 things to read and see

This week, read about cookbook illustrations, see the best book covers of the year and take a look at a great page about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

  1. Mastering the art of cookbook illustration

Maybe I’ve been watching a bit too much of The Great British Bake Off lately, but illustrations that show not only how a final product is supposed to look, but how to cook it correctly are a thing of beauty. This article goes through some of the most famous cookbooks, who illustrated them (Andy Warhol did illustrations for one!) and what makes them unique.

2. Watch: Immensely satisfying animations of minimalist logos, graphic posters

These animations are the brainchild of Syddharth Mate, and they do an amazing job of bringing new life to some classic logos and posters.

3. How to judge a book by its cover

The best book and cover designs of the year have been released! Trends among the winning designs include: innovations in not only how the cover looks but how the pages feel, exposed binding, cloth outsides and more. This article doesn’t show all of the winning designs, but it links to all of them, so you can fully immerse yourself in the best the book design world has to offer.

4. AI is reshaping what we know about cities

How cities change, for better or for worse, and why they change are questions that Cesar Hidalgo, the director of the Collective Learning group at the MIT Media Lab, has worked on answering. This article goes over his project, which analyzed five cities over seven years and looked into indicators of positive change in neighborhoods, and what that means for the future of AI.

5. Designing sets for Game of Thrones

With the new Game of Thrones season premiering Sunday, you can read about one of the set designer’s experiences working with the show, where she drew inspiration from and her advice on getting into the industry.

Page Designs

  1. Summer of Love | The Daily Californian, University of California Berkeley

This graphic for social media is awesome. The illustration is dynamic and colorful, and works with the bold text that solicits entry submissions. You can also see how it is easily revised for different uses, as it’s also the profile picture for The Daily Californian.

2. Sumer Mundus | Ka Leo, University of Hawaii at Manoa

This illustration really captures the variety of different cultures and countries that are represented both around the world and at the University of Hawaii’s campus. It also perfectly captures the heart of the story, and I love how the headline is peeking out from behind the buildings.

3. Watch the throne | Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University

Using the long and thin photos that just show enough of each character’s face is a great way to show off the different families and characters at play in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. The full-page photos with overlaid text is a great way to tie the whole page together.

4. First impression | The Miami Hurricane, University of Miami

This cover for the first impression guide is really simple, but very effective. Limiting the color palette to just University of Miami colors screams school spirit, and the way they represented the school’s location in the state with a small, glowing orange dot really makes it stand out.

5. The rise of smart drugs on campus | The Daily Emerald, University of Oregon

I think this spread does a nice job of not being to0 overwhelming, and it’s all very cohesive. I do wish there was more white space in the infographic on the lefthand side, and that the pill photo was more integrated into the text, but it is overall a very clean spread.

If you think you have a well-designed page or a good read to share for the next roundup, email me at shays2@elon.edu

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