Honestly, I could swear that there have been at least a couple of movies already that told the story of an agency that sets up alibis for other people. For some reason I cannot remember even a single one by name and after a couple of Google searches turned out nothing useful, I start to wonder why I even bother. They will soon blend together with [IMDb, Trailer (YouTube, English subtitles)] into an indistinguishable fog of insignificance anyway.

Movie Poster “”

When the opening credits started with “présentér par…” most of the audience was groaning, because French movies don’t really have a track record of being the best outcome for a Sneak Preview (although there definitely are exceptions to that rule). Incidentally, this movie surely wasn’t what most of the audience was expecting:

Grégory “Greg” Van Huffel (Philippe Lacheau) and his good friend Augustin (Julien Arruti) founded a company called, which provides alibis to people in “need”. You know, to cheat on their wife, lie to their parents…that sort of thing. They feel great about what they do and are enjoying their lives. Then, one day, the (un)expected happens: One of the alibis organized by them goes south. A husband spending time with another woman ends up staying at the same hotel as his wife and daughter. The latter being Greg’s girlfriend, who things Greg is in Africa, while he actually is staying in some hotel in France to provide her father with an alibi to cheat on his mother. Sounds silly? Yeah, well. That’s pretty much the story line.

The remainder of the movie is filled with really blunt jokes. The “spectrum” ranges from people being kicked in the nuts by a Zebra, to three men awkwardly hiding under a bed while somebody sits on it and masturbates, to a guy chugging the spitting bucket at a wine tasting. There are also jokes from above the waistline, e.g. the husband hiding from his wife in a wall cabinet with a glass door. But neither kind hits you as a surprise. They are clearly telegraphed up front, so you can fully stare them in the face as you see them coming.

To be fair, there are some genuinely funny scenes in this movie. They put some references to popular culture in there that I actually was not prepared for. It also adds to the pretty random nature though, because who expects nods to Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars in a French comedy movie? In any case, these were the only truly amusing moments, in which I was not cringing away from the screen.

I cannot in good conscience recommend this movie, but it also feels wrong to outright tell you to stay away from it. After all, it did provide a certain amount of entertainment and was still way better than the movies that I put down there in the trash bin. So, I guess you have to make up your own mind. It’s not a clever movie, it is not an innovative movie and it certainly is not a good movie, but maybe it can be the right thing, if you just need some quick and easy laughs, if you’re in the mood for it. But don’t worry, if you skip this one. There will be many more like it.

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