Book Club

A social phenomenon of unpredictable personality.

What do you’re books look like? Show us your shelves!
Book club virgins say there are “book club people” and “everyone else”.
Maybe, but I’m convinced that there is a book club out there for everyone and no two are alike. Sometimes its about the books, sometimes its about wine, usually its about having something greater than yourself pushing you to think about things a little differently or a social construct to hang out that most people won’t give you much push back on.

Last night I met a new group. There was a book involved. It was a pleasant evening. I’ll probably do it again. The very nature of book clubs means you never know what you’re going to find until you get there. Every new group is like opening a Kinder Egg (German chocolate candy egg with a surprise inside).

There are a few givens that transcend individual club personalities such as the generally true statement “there is a book involved”.

It’s a solid bet to expect someone in the group to have a copy of said book and that someone in the group has read all of part of said book. What you don’t know until you get there is how important the assigned reading is to the book club meeting. Although some serious groups invite people with a warning that they mean business your really don’t know what your getting into until the chairs have been circled and things are underway.

Last night’s group falls into the bookaholic category.

They had to stop meeting at the local bookstore because it was getting far to expensive. This is a group of women who are searching for the line between co-dependent and supportive reading friends. I have no idea what brought them together but the stacks of unread books cluttering their houses are the glue that bonds them.

Have you done book club?

Are you a book club virgin?

Share you experience with me and if you haven’t checked one out lately (or ever) give a club a try.

One of the great things about book club is that there is always something new.