Today I Choose Not Be Frustrated

Becoming angry is a response, staying angry is a choice.

Taking a deep breath and choosing to be Teflon isn’t new to me. Working the problem instead of letting it bury me isn’t new to me. Accepting things I don’t like without giving them control aka taking strength from the Serenity Prayer is a constant for me but all of these things are reactive.

There is always emotional charge and today is no different but today, instead of being frustrated and letting the frustration go I decided that today I’m not going feel it.

Emotions can’t be stopped but I can choose to feel a different so today instead of feeling frustrated that it feels like absolutely no progress is being made and then venting it before anger takes hold I’ve decided I’m going to replace feeling frustrated with taking action.

Not game changing action just moving the box out of the way action instead of feeling frustrated that I have to do it.

Kudos to ye who note that this very post shows I did feel frustrated and am venting but I choose to believe that this insn’t a vent it’s a share.

I may not be able to change my stars today but I can put the box away instead of being distracted by it.

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