What’s a Chef Driven Next Generation Diner?

Silver Diner Rockville, MD. One of 14 locations.

Silver Diner has all the noisy hustle and bustle of an old fashion diner with a trendy modern menu boasting gourmet meat along side vegan options.

“Flexiterian Menu” is their clever title for a menu with something for most dietary restrictions. Gluten Free, organic, vegetarian and carnivorous eaters will all find something at the Silver Diner.

Nostalgia is thick whether you sit at the counter or in a booth with a tabletop Juke box. The juke selections play through the whole restaurant but several tables have adjustable volume speakers as well.

Feed the juke box and play a tune.

The food was fresh and comforting with good portions at reasonable prices. The menu succeeds at being allergy alert without political message. Midweek late lunch was busy and customers seemed happy. Handicap parking spaces were numerous but all taken and the staff was plentiful and fully occupied.

Beef burger, with fresh lettuce and tomato plus a fried egg & served with fries.

Typical of old style diners service was mediocre and the restroom was a bit of a mess even though the check sheet proudly displayed that it had just been cleaned. There was a thoughtful stool in the womens restroom to help chldren reach the sinks and your choice of paper towels or hand dryers.

Silver Diner felt like Gordon Ramsey had taken over Mel’s Diner from the TV series Alice.

Order ahead service and delivery through GrubHub are available so we might give the tasty menu another try but the diner experience was a little too overstimulated and underwhelming for me to rush back for a lunch or dinner seat. The siren that might bring me back sooner is the allure of all day breakfast during a quieter time.

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