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Collector’s Interview — Jackp💰t.eth


We reached out to Jackp💰t.eth who has an extensive NFT Collection and who is also a crypto enthusiast who has been in this space since 2017. Jackp💰t.eth shared his vision how the future of this space might look like in the next few years as well as some very useful tips for artist and new collectors.

1- Could you tell us more about your story and how did you get involved in the Crypto and NFT space?

At the end of 2016, I started trading crypto on some exchanges. I started mining, staking and running master nodes, this is when I discovered the potential of the Ethereum blockchain. During 2017, I started taking part in some projects on the Ethereum blockchain, learned myself how to code smart contracts and I soon came across some of these first NFT projects on OpenSea.

Since I love the idea of block chained “asset ownership”, I got involved in a wide range of blockchains, mostly gaming related, projects. So I claimed some ENS names, rescued some MoonCats, bought, sold, bred and traded CryptoKitties, ChibiFighters, BlockchainCuties (this list goes on and on) and a lot of other NFTs.

2-What are the things you consider first before buying a new NFT project? Do you look at any specific metrics or signals?

Sometimes I just get involved in a project on a gut feeling, but most of the time I first look at:

— The team or artist behind a project (website, white papers, real company, real people, community)

— How unique is the project and what are the chances of success.(does it fill a niche)

— Innovation(does the project bring something new)

— Who could benefit from the project (foremost what could be the positive social impact)

— Tokenomics (scarcity)

— Evolution (has there been thought of future use cases)

— What do I get in return

3-What kind of NFT projects or artworks do you usually like to buy?

I have a taste for all kinds of artworks and projects and I buy them based on a variety of reasons but the most important one for me is the price. I could buy because I simply like the artist or the project, their story or the story that goes with the artwork/project or if a piece just brings back a certain memory. I’ll always take scarcity into consideration. But I have a weak spot for free (+GAS) NFTs, well-documented works and I’m always on the lookout for bargains.

4-What do you think about NFTartworks vs Collectables (CryptoPunks, BAYC, Ethlings, etc.)

A: To be honest I like both, but I’m not a big fan of massive Xk NFT drops, as we’ve seen in the last months. I know, that when FOMO, high Ether prices and large volumes are involved, the chance of suffering losses significantly increases.

5-Do you collaborate with other collectors? If so, how?

I do collaborate with some artist and other collectors, but most of this happens in Vegas.

6-What do you think about mentoring other collectors?

I would not make the best mentor. Everyone has a personal taste, budget and maybe even preference for a certain blockchain. Whereas I work with a specific budget, across multiple blockchains and am involved in a wide variety of projects and have an unstoppable appetite for anything NFT.

7-As a collector, what do you feel is missing in this space right now?

I could not say that something is missing, the space is flooded with new art, projects and fantastic ideas almost on a daily basis. If something were missing, I think that gap would quickly be filled.

8-What gets you excited about the NFT community?

All the spontaneous collaborations between artists and groups of artists are exciting. There are so many gifted artists on all levels and in all these different disciplines. So many are exploring various blockchains, expressing and creating, often learning new skills along the way. I get amazed every day by what I see come by in my Twitter feed.

10-How do you see this space evolving in the next few years?

I think it will be marvellous, I have never seen so much love and positive energy in a community this big and growing so fast. NFTs are very much alive and NFTs will rule the metaverse in a couple of years.

11-Do you have any recommendations for artists or other collectors entering this space?

Advice for artists:

The only recommendation I would probably give to some artist is to be informative, add your name, image size and file type, date, camera type, software used, etc. All these documented pieces of information make up “the ingredients” of your NFT Artwork.

Advice for new Collectors:

To new collectors, I can only say, DYOR and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

12- If someone wants to see your collection and even connect with you, where can they find you?

Follow Jackp💰t.eth on Twitter and check his large collection:

— Twitter: @EthJackp

— Showtime:

— OpenSea:

— Foundation:

— Rarible:…

— HEN:…

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