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Discovering Digital Creators — Interview with AlfDEN

AlfDEN is a motion designer and 2D Illustrator passionate about vibrant colours creating Fantasy worlds!

We discussed with him and you can check the full interview below:

AlfDEN has developed a signature and recognisable art style that is unique to his work and fantasy characters.

During the interview, we discussed the powers so social media in the crypto art space, how he got involved in the NFT space coming from a motion design background and share some tips for new artists entering this exciting space.

AlfDEN also has a very nice and lively community on discord where he often shared news about his collection of limited edition characters that is currently sold out on Opensea but should keep an eye on as he will be dropping more of his work soon.

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If you liked AlfDEN work and want to know more check his social media accounts:

Twitter —

Instagram —

Foundation —

Showtime —

Discord —

Artwork Copyrights — AlfDen

You can follow Sniftie on :

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