Discovering Digital Creators — Interview with Giovanni De Benedetto

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2 min readMay 18, 2021


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Giovanni De Benedetto is a digital artist who works with action paintings, digital manipulation and photography. His artworks are hyper-real, with shocking colours. If you step back, the symmetry almost feels familiar.

Giovanni’s artwork, and his interest, is in Klecksography, the art of making images from inkblots. Of course, you may not have heard of the term before, but you likely will have seen Klexographs before.

Klexographs are what was used by Hermann Rorschach to devise his Rorschach inkblot test for psychiatric evaluation.

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What Giovanni does is bring it to the 21st century (using what Giovanni terms Augmented Klecksography Painting), by adding colours and three-dimensionality to the works by using wet paint.

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As he walks us through the process — paint on a blackboard, fold in half, manipulate the board and take a snapshot before the result dries. Sounds deceivingly simple for such a gorgeous result.

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Giovanni notes that his technique means that about 30% of the final result is by chance. He also does not start with an idea in mind, instead, “I follow the path of the matter until the matter can reveal itself to me.”

Listen to the full conversation with Giovanni De Benedetto.

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Interview by Stephania Silva. Summary by Chironjit Das.

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