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Discovering Digital Creators — Interview with Lhean Storm

Lhean Storm is a visual artist exploring art and tech. Her art style takes inspiration from Music, society and fantasy. Lhean’s aesthetic is characterised by having colourful strokes representing human characters with a story. We discussed with her to discover more about her work.

Check the full audio interview below.

How did you get into digital art and what did you do before, before that?

My name is Lhean Storm. I’m from Manila, Philippines. Before I discovered NFT last February, I was mostly doing traditional art. I make paintings and drawings on paper, mostly physical artworks.

I didn’t do much digital prior to NFT, I did a little bit of it, but not too much. Last February, I discovered NFT because I was researching about an altcoin.

I started researching the different platforms. In the beginning, it was overwhelming for me because I wasn’t so public when it comes to social media. I was just using Instagram with my circle of friends, I only had a little community.

It was just my close friends and then a few collectors who have been collecting my works for years. It’s unlike the kind of community that we have at the moment. if you notice it’s very intense and for newbies, it can get overwhelming.

I was learning new things and working on my art that it became a little bit too much. I took a break from March, probably a week or so, then I created another account, which is anonymous. I took a break from Storm which I initially started as and got to know the community through my anonymous account.

What would you be your recommendations for new people entering the NFT space?

So the first thing is: make sure that you’re comfortable with how you handle your finances — It’s very important. And then research all the different platforms and then get to know people around you. If you don’t know things well, you can ask anyone in the NFT community, they’re very, very helpful — almost everyone is willing to help anyone who needs help.

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