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Discovering Digital Creators — Interview with QinTheory

Charlotte Qin AKA QinTheory (秦 超 穎) is a Chinese-born Canadian artist, scientist, mythmaker based in Geneva, Switzerland

Charlotte’s artistic journey has been meandering like Water, the personal mythology that evoked her curiosity since her childhood. She studied physics at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

We reached out to QinTheory for an interview that you can listen here:

Source — currently on sale at Foundation

Charlotte interest in questioning nature began her exploration of Taoist, shamanistic, feminist, and psychological themes. In 2019, she graduated from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, UK, with a double master’s degree in Design Innovation and Engineering. Embodying her Chinese heritage and Western scientific training, Charlotte’s works subtly blend science, nature, and mysticism and take different forms such as painting, performance art, and scientific visualization. She speaks of water as the medium that reveals the essence of life and connects all living beings.

QinTheory performance

The two streams that converge to Charlotte’s work are her cultural roots in China and her scientific training in physics. Water became the bridge that connects the two seemingly separated worlds of Art and Science, East and West, just like the ocean being the milieu shared by the far-away lands and continents.

Charlotte’s primary medium is Chinese ink, made of natural materials of bamboo ashes and wood charcoal. As her work continues to evolve, she introduced rich colours, by using acrylic and natural pigments such as algae, to illustrate the vibrancy of the ocean.

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