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Drops you should check out this weekend!

Hey there! Happy Friday again and we’d like to end it with a feature on our top picks for the weekend.

Disclaimer: None of our suggestions is financial advice and they are based on our pure suggestion and subjectivity

My Fucking Pickle

This project is Trending so much and you should definitely check it out in the secondary market as it is already sold out on the primary sale.

Twitter: @MyFuckingPickle

Project website —

Secondary sales on Opensea —


The Ultimate Badass! 💎💎💎💎💎
The Demon Slayer is back with a Vengeance!

Creator: KlawMachineArt

Twitter: @KlawMachineArt

Link to the drop:

Spanish Fjords?

The first thing to do to take this picture was to climb up to the peak with all the equipment, it was not easy because it was cold and raining.
Once there I decided to take a huge panoramic of more than 180 degrees, I needed to capture everything my eyes could see.
This is Spain, not Norway and before me, I had a view that looked like a fjord, something really amazing that the dramatic sky helped to capture.

Creator: Daniel Viñé

Twitter: @danielvgphoto

Link to the drop:

Positronic Brain

“They were designed to allow for a world where humans and machines could communicate and understand each other as equals…”

Creator: Eyes Teeth Flesh

Twitter: @Fleshnft

Link to the drop:

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Twitter — @sniftie

Website —

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(Disclaimer — We do not provide financial advice. All the artworks in this post are suggestion)



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