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Lisa Odette — Lady Dolls Collectables Announcement

We are glad to announce that we are collaborating with Lisa Odette, for the first collectable project to be released on the Sniftie platform.

Lisa is a very talented 3D artist who loves to explore the female essence through shapes and colours. Lisa is creating a collectable dolls series that will be launched during the last week of July 2021.

About Lisa Odette

Lisa Odette is based in Madrid, Spain, she has a background in Graphic Design and her work is characterized by having colourful female characters with a strong fashion influence and a contemporary aesthetic that is unique to her work.

Dahlia and her robe owned by Rudya
Leeloo in the Playground owned by ThomasDelanore
Pink Haired Blue Lady owned by Rawaa

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Artwork Copyrights — Lisa Odette Butean

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