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NFT Genesis Artworks you should check

Genesis artworks are the first Digital art-piece minted by a Creator. These types of artworks offer collectors the possibility to establish an early relationship with creatives early as well as to access a long-term investment that will potentially increase in value year after year.

We have selected 4 different artworks that we believe you might like:

Lost- Landscaping by Guerr_Art

Lost Landscaping by Guerr_Art

“I found myself alone, while in front of me I had an abandoned panorama, I could see the wood axes still on the trees, some butterflies populating the ends of the tree stomps that were delicately touched by the sprouting flowers, and under the only blooming tree a solitary spot, probably of the one that used to be the sentinel for this desolated place.
I still wonder from where those strange “Lost” giant letters were coming from”.

Creator — @Guerr_Art

Artwork currently available on —

Source by Qin Theory


Source is an artwork that illustrates the breathing ocean, our aqueous origins. The pulsing ocean reminds us of the rhythms of the living planet: from wind, tides, to the beating hearts of one another, conducted by the movements of moon and sun. We are part of the symphony of life.

Creator — @QinTheory

Artwork currently available on —

Nipple Pinch by Cyber YuYu

The “Nipple Pinch” is part of YuLiang Liu’s first collection titled “Kinky Classics”.

In this collection, Liu combines landmark artworks from the classic art periods with his tender view on masculinity and kinks commonly associated with the underground gay community.

Creator — @yuliangliubln

Artwork currently available on —

Einstein’s Universe by Blake 3D

Einstein’s Universe

Creator — @BlakeWDesign

Artwork currently available on —

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