Sniftie Introduction (Litepaper)

Stephania Silva
Jun 4 · 4 min read

What are we building?

Sniftie aims to be a professional network that allows creators and collectors to connect, collaborate and grow the NFT ecosystem. Our goal is to be the Linkedin of the NFT space — empowering both collectors and creators in the space by providing them with the tools they need to navigate and flourish.

Our vision is to create a myriad of opportunities for the actors in the digital creator’s economy

And our mission is to build tools that positively impact, connect and empower the actors of the digital creative industry.

The ecosystem as we see it:

The NFT ecosystem today is still in its infancy. While it has exploded in popularity in the past year, it still has a myriad of challenges and the need for better tools.

Collectors have a hard time finding, filtering, and doing their due diligence of interesting and promising NFT projects and up-and-coming creators.

We have discussed with collectors who have mentioned the fact that there are new drops coming up all the time, so it is hard for them to keep track of everything that is happening in this space. It’s easy to miss good opportunities and good projects. Collectors need more data points to better understand the potential and market value of diverse NFT assets.

We have also discussed with Creators who have expressed a lot of pain and disappointment regarding current platforms which don’t give them enough visibility, leading to their new drops, posts and portfolios getting missed or difficult to find on current marketplaces. Many creators would like to have in the NFT space something which could give them a fair chance to get noticed and discovered by collectors or fans.

Beyond the visibility, creators also want better ways to collaborate with each other and share the profits more easily. There is a bigger question on more sustainable ways creators can improve their livelihoods with NFTs including exploring patron/fan sponsors as well as commissioned work akin to the traditional art market.

We see a gap in tools that collectors and creators need, and our goal is to provide them.

We have built and are building:

Drop & Events

Our platform currently allows any artist or project to add a drop on the drop tracker. Collectors can follow new drops they like and add them to their calendar. We have introduced a curated drops section and we intend to create new features that would make tracking drops an easier process.

Our goal in the future is to enable the tracking of events, whether they are on Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, Metaverses like CryptoVoxels or other channels.

Drop tracker — First functionality (Artwork copyrights belong to each one of the artists in this Image)


We want to enable artists to leverage NFT technology. This includes making it easier for artists to deploy their own smart contracts, collaborate with different artists and make royalty splits seamless.

We also want to bridge the divide between different blockchains — providing tools for artists to work on the platform of their choice, whether it is Ethereum, Tezos, Flow, Wax or Palm.

We also envision a future where artists can collaborate with fans and collectors on artworks, have custom artworks or split joint ownership of works with all their fans/patrons.


For collectors and artists, we aim to provide a better ability to search for artworks and projects, analytics on trending art/projects as well as a better way to understand and navigate the various complex data points a public blockchain allows.


The issue of reputation comes up every now and then in the space when there are abusive actors, those trying to take advantage of the artists or the collectors as well as issues with the appropriation of copyright works, etc.

Our goal is to enable a better way to manage reputation. We aim to do that in two ways — firstly via better aggregation and analytics of data. We also aim to explore the use of non-transferable NFT badges awarded based on reputation, actions and milestones.

Our revenue model:

Our core functionalities will always be free and we will rely on key premium memberships and premium services such as promoted events & smart contracts.

Premium membership subscribers will have access to more collaborations, more events, and more ways to improve their skills and profile.


Chironjit Das — Co-founder : With over a decade of experience in Multinationals and in the Blockchain industry. He holds a Master in Finance & Banking from Macquarie University in Australia. Chironjit, has been in the Crypto space since 2017 and he is passionate about Finance, software and technology products.

Stephania Silva — Co-founder: Multidisciplinary background in Arts, Design and Engineering. Stephania studied and worked in the traditional art market and also holds a double Master’s degree in Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial College London and The Royal College of Art. Passionate about NFTs technology, Digital product development and User experience design.

Mark Ibanez — Software Developer: full-stack developer for over 20 years with a diverse range of talents including playing the guitar, speaking four languages and lifting a lot of weight overhead.

Gisela Mirandilla — Community Manager and social media strategy, Gisela is passionate about building engaged communities.

Our values:

  • Always engage with the community, from all levels of the organization
    -Keep learning and improving, provide and request feedback
    -Encourage innovation
    -Promote inclusivity and respect
    -Have the courage to ask questions, to argument your ideas and take actions
    -Be accountable, deliver and learn from your mistakes

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A place to discover digital creators and collectors in the NFT space.

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