Announcing a Snip-Bancor Partnership

Greeting to the Snip and Bancor communities!

Today we’re excited to announce that Snip is partnering with Bancor and joining the Bancor Decentralized Liquidity Network. In the crypto community Bancor has become a household name and a synonym for quality, and its ERC20 implementations are constantly gaining more traction. For Snip, it’s humbling to join companies like Gnosis and Stox in implementing Bancor technology and joining its network.

This partnership is a big step in making SnipCoin easier to use and in encouraging buyers to hold the token and use it inside the Snip ecosystem. At Snip we’re focused on buyers and partners who are true believers in the Snip platform and we’ve found the Bancor team to be an excellent partner and advisor. We’re now looking forward to expanding beyond the core team and engaging the thriving Bancor community.

“Bancor is built to enable user-generated online economies to thrive by allowing them to focus on their content and value propositions while the protocol handles liquidity and pricing. Snip is a great example of just such an ecosystem, aiming to empower members to create and consume high integrity news in a decentralized way. We are excited to see more consumer applications utilizing these important technologies.” said Eyal Hertzog, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Bancor Network.

For more information and questions, you’re welcome to check out the crowdsale website and join the discussion in our Telegram group. See you there and in the Snip token sale on September 29th!