Snip Partners with AdEx, the Decentralized Ad Exchange

At Snip we’re focused on providing users with the best content, personalized to their topics of interest and free from centralized editorial. To fund the continuing development of the platform we’re using native advertising (sponsored snips) and subscription services like audio snips, an ad-free feed, and expert content.

Today, we’re excited to announce a cooperation with AdEx and our intention to use AdEx advertising technology on the Snip platform. The moment we learned about AdEx we knew that there’s potential for a great cooperation.

Advertising technologies are complex and AdEx has gained rare experience in the field, which will allow Snip to provide high-quality ads at an early stage of the product development. We’re especially excited about using AdEx’s bidding and anti-fraud systems, which will allow us to present user with relevant ads and deliver maximum revenue to Snip writers.

We hope that this is the first of many cooperations with decentralized platforms, which are creating a new wave of Internet innovation powered by the community and not a small group of stakeholders.