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3 min readJan 31, 2019


In this Blog we want to introduce Quick Create and Quick Search. Both features a very important if you want to increase your effectively and improve your overall speed while working with SnipAway. To understand how you can work with Quick Create & Search you need to understand Global Shortcuts in SnipAway. Global Shortcuts allow you to toggle some important features of SnipAway directly from every other place on your computer. Using a Shortcut like “Cntrl+Alt+S” (Windows) you can directly open up Quick Search. It doesn’t matter if you are using your browser or writing an e-mail the shortcut will work globally. Of course if you don’t like this feature you can disable it in the general settings menu.

Here is a list of current shortcuts for SnipAway:

Shortcuts table

Quick Create

This feature basically allows you to create a snippet very fast and without getting distracted by other UI elements you don’t need for the creation process. Using a Global Shortcut (Cntrl+Alt+N) you can open up Quick Create. Now lets take a look at the example below showing you how Quick Create works and looks like:

Quick Search

With Quick Search you can directly open up a search window where you start typing what you are looking for right away. If you found the snippet you was looking for you can use a Shortcut like „Cntrl+Shift+C“ to directly copy the snippet code. This improves the time you are spending looking for a snippet by hiding UI elements you don’t need for the search. Below you can see how Quick Search works and look like:

Both of this system are working because of the tray system that SnipAway is using. That’s basically a feature where SnipAway stays open in the background even if you close it using the close button or for example on windows „Alt+F4“. This way you can remove the icon from your os application bar but still open up SnipAway fast and use features like global shortcuts. You can also right click on the SnipAway icon in the tray and use the button actions directly. As always you can disable this feature if you don’t like it and SnipAway will close completely.

SnipAway is still open in the background

We hope you liked our quick overview of the features in SnipAway. Make sure to download the app here.