Help your field sales team track and achieve their targets

You can have all the targets, incentives, tracking, hourly sales calls in the world — but if your field sales team does not truly believe in what he is selling, it is going to be difficult to push your team to achieve the impossible targets your upper management has set for the year.

Your product — irrespective of whether it is a soap or a complex technology enigma — has to be something that your field sales team believes is better than the competitors out there, and here are five Snippts on how you can make them believe what they are selling is truly the best out there:

One: Seeing is believing

The issue with field teams is that they rarely interact with the core product team or the manufacturing team. In this way they are completely disconnected with the product. Have regular meetings where the team gets together to discuss and communicate on the benefits of the product they are selling. Get the competitor products too — and show them visually how your product is superior to others. You can check out how we at Fieldproxy help ensure there is constant communication between the field sales team and the headquarters

Two: Keep them cc’ed

Let them know well in advance in case there are new variations of the product coming. Let it not be a last-minute meeting, where your field sales team a PPT of the product benefits and ask them to go sell from the next day.

Three: Drill it down

Ensure there is an effective way so that what you communicate to the sales team leads finds its way down to the all the levels. And we know what you are thinking — but no, WhatsApp is not a solution for this.

Four: Test them

Keep regular tests that grade your field sales team against questions about the product. Highlight the winners and push the losers to learn more about the product. Using Fieldproxy’s custom form builder, you can create custom dynamic questions which help you assess the teams knowledge of the product

Five: Listen, don’t bark

Listen to feedback from everyone across the value chain. And also ensure that their feedback is communicated to your product/research teams. The sales team knows best on what the customer wants, and once they realize they are being listened to — they would take the extra effort to ensure the customer feedback flows back into the organization helps managers and business owners manage their field operations more efficiently




Snippts by Fieldproxy

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