Privacy as a Feature: A Tale of Two Product Hunts

While many apps force users to trade privacy for great technology (sometimes without consent) … many are finding alternatives.

The number of times privacy came up the Snips team’s 2nd Product Hunt.

4 times.

(and one time was by @randhindi, our CEO)

This was six months ago.

Six months ago, we debuted an AI technology that would integrate all of the apps on a smartphone. It was great, and we learned a LOT about how users interact with their apps, their data and their phones. The Product Hunt community latched onto these aspects of this launch:

  • How the AI could learn your habits
  • The ~*~magical~*~ on-boarding
  • App integrations
  • Natural language processing
  • Snips’ amazing team

Even though Snips team has always been obsessed with creating amazing, private AI technology, privacy just wasn’t at the forefront.

Fast forward to Product Hunt #2,, a side project by some of our team.

It’s a location tracker and productivity journal app that helps you “remember everywhere.”

Check it out on Product Hunt! was created by some folks from the Snips team, and it uses a lot of Snips’ technology and philosophies — privacy by design (PBD), user-first philosophy, and a focus on creating a world where technology brings humans more in touch with real life, and less in touch with touch screens.

At the end of’s release day just a short time ago, it was clear that something was different about the what the Product Hunt community latched onto.

Lo! The privacy discussion runneth over.

This is they number of times privacy came up in the Product Hunt.

14 times.

Our CEO, Rand has been arguing for months and months that the tradeoff of good tech vs privacy is false.

We’re not the only ones talking about the privacy vs Ai tradeoff either …

The Product Hunt for proved that smart people who care about the future of technology and AI care about privacy.

And with user behavior changing /shifting and stopping because of privacy concerns, if AI doesn’t get better at privacy it doesn’t get … better.

We’re so glad to have these fantastic Product Hunters join us in the fight to make it known that privacy is truly the future of AI.

We don’t have to trade.

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