Build Your Own Private-By-Design Smart Home with Snips and Jeedom

Valentin f.
Sep 19, 2018 · 5 min read

We’re excited to announce the integration of the Snips Voice Platform with Jeedom, a leading home automation software, that brings voice-enabled IoT devices to a community of 22,000 makers. Read this blog in French 🇫🇷

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Imagine a home where…

Imagine a home where your devices are automated. Your doors lock when you tell them to, your window shades are programmed to open and close according to your preset schedule, the morning news streams through your connected speakers as your coffee machine brews up a double espresso. This home knows you — your schedule and preferences are all catalogued and actioned upon daily.

Now imagine if the brain of this home no longer functioned. All at once, your thermostat is impossible to control, the alarm doesn’t go off any more, your oven can’t be switched off, your home alarm remains off, your garage door cannot close. While this scenario seems extreme, it’s also already a reality for many alarmed home owners.

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While system outages or hacks are likely culprits of such home automation failures, the scenario becomes even more bleak as cloud-based, centralized tech giants are moving into the home domain. With motion sensors, microphones, cameras, thermostats, and automated appliances all gathering data on user habits and preferences, it’s only logical to ask how this sensitive data is kept safe. The answer: it’s not. Examples have run rampant to the order of unauthorized silent listening, recording, and hacking.

Enter Jeedom: the free, independent, open-source home automation platform

Meet Jeedom: a free, independent, open-source platform capable of deployment on any Linux system, with thousands of connected devices at its disposal, and 22,000 makers contributing to the software. Based in France, Jeedom comes with multiple functionalities: simple and advanced management of scenarios, text and sound interaction with home automation system, history viewing and curve and graph generation, linking of all equipment and connected objects, and personalization of the interface.

Unlike home automation platforms available from tech giants, Jeedom keeps privacy at the center of its operations. Plus, Jeedom never depends on the cloud or online services — the team at Jeedom believes that if one day the company ceases to exist, the system should continue to function. As a platform that remains protocol-agnostic, with no ties to any one manufacturer, Jeedom works offline and remains completely open source.

If these pillars of operation sound familiar, it’s because they are! We at Snips share the same commitment to decentralized, private-by-design technology.

Bringing Voice to Your Home

The Snips-Jeedom integration now means that you can pilot your entire home environment with voice. The intuitive, accessible voice interface supports all home automation functionality, while keeping your data and activity private. We are excited to partner with Jeedom on this new integration, which brings voice to a powerful home automation platform.

Unlike other voice plugins for Jeedom, our Snips plugin has been specifically designed with Jeedom users in mind, employing personal wake words and the most in-demand use cases. Automated heating for better comfort or energy savings, viewing and managing your energy use for expense management, and of course, automated home devices, from shutters to doors to lights and multimedia systems. With the use of satellites, you can even control the lights in your living room or set the temperature for your kitchen oven from the comfort of your bed.

A Jeedom user’s home, mapped with automated devices.

We’ve taken the home automation system way beyond a “remote control”, but upgraded the experience to living in a truly intelligent home. Automated scenarios are launched when you enter or exit a room, your home can ask you if you want to close shutters, and you can talk back to answer with varying responses.

A Jeedom user’s programmed home automations

You can ask information:

“What’s the temperature in the living room?” “Is there a window open?”, “Is the shutter correctly closed?”

You can prompt actions:

“Play some Jazz in the basement”, “Decrease the light in the living-room”, “Activate the alarm”

Your home can ask you things:

“It’s 8 pm, shall I close the shutters?”, “Welcome back, do you want some music?”

You can receive information:

“You’ve got a new email, shall I read it to you?”, “There’s a leak detected in your bathroom, shall I turn the valve off?”

Both Jeedom and Snips are free and totally customizable, which means that you can personalize and customize every single brick of both the voice interface and automations to your liking. Plus, with this partnership, every major (and minor) open-sourced IoT device can be voice-enabled in just a few clicks, and without any coding skills.

Jeedom Market: IoT Devices

Getting Started: Integrating Snips with Jeedom

This integration has been in beta with Jeedom users for the last few weeks to guarantee that the process is effortless and comprehensive, and we’ve seen some great results:

The Jeedom plugin combined with Snips is terrifically efficient, all the family adopted it! The fact that it only needs to identify a keyword makes it more reactive than my previous openjarvis solution where the full sentence needed to be passed to the Jeedom interaction! — — — — -A Beta Tester on Discord

Today, we are releasing the free Snips plugin on the Jeedom Market. To get started using voice with Jeedom, follow these links:

  • Install Jeedom onto your Linux device;
  • Download the free Snips plugin from the Jeedom Store;
  • Download the free JeedomOfficial App from the Snips app store;
  • Follow our dedicated Start-Up Guide (in English / in French).

We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your hacks!

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This publication features the articles written by the Snips team, fellows, and friends. Snips started as an AI lab in 2013, and now builds Private-by-Design, decentralized, open source voice assistants.

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Snips Blog

This publication features the articles written by the Snips team, fellows, and friends. Snips started as an AI lab in 2013, and now builds Private-by-Design, decentralized, open source voice assistants.

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