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TL;DR: Snips is hitting the road the rest of the year to meet you and speak at blockchain, crypto, and developer events! Join us at one (or more) of the events below to meet CEO Dr. Rand Hindi and enjoy the latest workshops on how to build custom, private by design, open-source voice assistants!

Snips January 2019 Events

📍CES Las Vegas
🗓️January 8–11, 2019

Snips will be exhibiting at CES, the largest consumer tech conference in the world, for the second straight year. We’ve already been awarded the Best of Innovation Award for Embedded Technologies at CES 2019! We’ll be joining La French Tech at Eureka Park to showcase the latest advancements in our voice platform across multiple consumer domains, from home automation to transport.

Register Here: Join Snips on January 8th.

📍Crypto Blockchain Conference St. Moritz Switzerland
🗓️January 16–18, 2019

Following up on a powerful talk at Crypto Finance Conference Bay Area, Snips CEO Dr. Rand Hindi will take the stage once again, this time in Switzerland for a keynote presentation and Q&A. If you’re a developer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, or interested in decentralized technologies, this is your chance to get one-on-one access.

Register Here: Join Snips CEO in St. Moritz on January 16th.

📍ARM Dev Day
🗓️January 22, 2019

Hosted by ARM and, this free online interactive learning extravaganza will focus on the AI and intelligent machines! Hear from Snips CEO Dr. Rand Hindi, plus attend workshops & tutorials on machine learning, voice recognition, and computer vision.

Register Here: Join Snips virtually on January 22nd at 9am PT.

📍Applied Machine Learning Days Lausanne, Switzerland
🗓️January 26–29, 2019

Hosted by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, this four day event features talks, workshops, and tutorials focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence! Hear from Snips CTO Dr. Jo Dureau as he introduces the AI and Privacy track, plus attend a talk by Dr. Alice Coucke, Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Snips, on Spoken Language Understanding at the Edge.

Register Here: Join Snips in Lausanne on January 28th at 13:30.

Keep an eye on this post as we’ll update it periodically with more speaking and community events! Until then, #MakeTechnologyDisappear!

Older Events

Snips October 2018 Events

📍Polkadot Community Launch Los Angeles
🗓️October 15, 2018

In this special blockchain meetup, Snips CEO and Co-founder Dr. Rand Hindi will join the co-founder of Polkadot (a platform that connects public and private blockchains to power a web 3.0), among other prominent speakers, for a talk on decentralized encrypted machine learning. Join for FREE!

Register Here: Join Snips CEO in Los Angeles on October 15th at 6pm.

📍Mozilla Festival London
🗓️October 26–28, 2018

This year’s Mozilla Festival is all about “Your Data and You”, a deep dive into the ways in which we can take control over our personal data and online lives. So you know Snips had to be there! We’ll be holding it down in the Decentralization Space, a learning hub to imagine a future where people self-organize into open groups, their technology runs on consensus, and their society is fueled by data as an extension of individual identity and collective culture. We’ll be hosting a workshop on Sunday that will walk you through how to build your own private by design voice assistant!

Register Here: Join Snips in London on October 28th at 3pm.

Snips November 2018 Events

📍Malta Blockchain Summit
🗓️November 1–2, 2018

Members of the Snips engineering and token sale teams will be in Malta as the country introduces a new regulatory framework for emerging ledge-distributed technologies, including blockchain. Catch us, along with the Prime Minister of Malta, for the 2-day event where we’ll be sponsoring the Blockchain Hackathon with mentorship support from our CTO and a giveaway of Snips Maker Kits, plus an airdrop of AIR tokens at our booth!

Register Here: Join Snips in Malta starting on November 2nd at 10:20am.

📍Hardware Pioneers London
🗓️November 8, 2018

In this free event put on by Hardware Pioneers, a collective of IoT startup founders, execs, engineers, and developers, our tech evangelist Eric will join Google and Microsoft to discuss the impact of AI and Machine Learning on IoT.

Register Here: Join Snips in London on November 8th at 6:30pm.

📍Maker Faire Paris
🗓️November 23–25, 2018

Makers, DIYers, Creators, and Fabricators — come one, come all to the biggest Science Fair meets Innovation Festival in France! Snips HQ is in Paris, so you know we had to do it big for Maker Faire Paris! We’ll be hosting workshops, giveaways, and demos in our snazzy demo booth. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Register Here: Join Snips in Paris starting November 23rd at 10am.

📍TEDx Saclay Data’Bang
🗓️November 27, 2018

Snips CEO Dr. Rand Hindi will take the TEDx stage for the fifth time to open your mind and question your beliefs around personal data privacy. If you cannot make it to the event live, we’ll be adding the talk to our curated YouTube playlist Snips Talks.

Register Here: Join Snips CEO on November 27th

📍Blockchain Paris
🗓️November 27–28, 2018

In this 48-hour meetup of businesses and blockchain companies, Snips will be demonstrating the first use cases of blockchain for enterprise.

Register Here: Join Snips on November 27th at 8:30am.

Snips December 2018 Events

📍Slush Helsinki
🗓️December 4–5, 2018

Half festival, half conference, Slush Helsinki is a student-driven, non-profit movement celebrating entrepreneurship. Catch Snips CEO Dr. Rand Hindi taking the stage to share the story of Snips.

Register Here: Join Snips CEO at Slush on December 4th at 3:30pm.

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