Snips Maker Release 2.0

We are introducing new, tokenized features to the Snips app-building experience. Create and publish your voice apps to the public Snips app store, earn tokens, and rate apps by tipping with tokens.

What’s New: The Snips App Store

Earlier this month, we released the Snips app store, an update to your assistant-building experience. With this update, your skills are now “apps”.

The evolution of the Snips app store is driven by YOU, our community of over 14,000 developers. Just as smartphones have app stores where developers can publish apps that users will install, voice assistants must have an app store where users can discover and install new voice apps.

Now, the Snips app store will empower you to publish voice apps. With 5 languages supported (French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese), your published apps will be shared on the public app store, which gives your apps more visibility for community ratings and comments. Our new public app store also gives you direct links to your published apps. Just copy and share the URL to your app.

As always, the online tools for building voice assistants remain free — you can still easily create new voice assistants, test them, and deploy to your favorite platforms and devices including Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and Debian.

Earn Snips Tokens: The Referrals Dashboard

If you’ve logged in to your Snips account lately, you may have noticed a new addition to your home screen: the Referrals dashboard.

This is your central hub to monitor your token balance. Although often seen as currency, we at Snips see tokens as a product design tool that helps build self-governed communities. Through the use of the token, we hope to prevent the kind of centralized control and censorship often seen in other consumer platforms and app stores. If you are a current member of our developer community with a verified Snips account, your token balance has been preloaded, so make sure to check out your balance here.

From this dashboard, you can monitor your token balance and invite developers to join you on Snips.

A Utility For Today: Tipping with Snips Tokens

Today, your earned tokens already have a utility: use them to tip published apps to reward developers and incentivize them to keep up their work on their published app(s). The amount of tokens you tip the app goes fully and directly into the app developer’s pocket — Snips takes 0% commission.

Here’s how you can tip an app* in 3 easy steps:

Install a voice app from the Snips app store to your assistant. Once you’ve downloaded the app and you like the functionality, feel free to rate it and tip!
1. Go to your assistant and click on the voice app you want to tip.
2. In the modal that opens, click ‘Tip this app’.
3. Enter the number of tokens you want to tip, and then click `Tip`.

*NOTE: You must have some tokens in your account in order to tip.

A Utility for Tomorrow: The Road Ahead

In the decentralized Snips app store, we followed two key principles: having no central authority and distributing most of the value created to the community. This is why using a token makes so much sense: it is a way to create a self-governed community that is incentivized to curate the app store and make it better. In the future, you will be able to use tokens to purchase apps, curate the apps in the store, publish your apps, review others’ apps, and other functions that make the token-curated app store a fair and fun experience.

We look forward to building the Snips app store with developers and creating a rich experience for future releases!

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