The Snips AIR Bounty Program

TLDR: We’ve set aside millions of AIR tokens to reward those who help us build our community! Whether you build an app for Snips, refer a friend to the token sale, or talk about us online, you can earn free AIR tokens. Get started here!

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Our forthcoming consumer product, Snips AIR, is a decentralized, Private-by-Design voice assistant that runs on a number of hardware devices. Thanks to the use of our AIR token, we can guarantee that nobody listens to you or to your kids, keeping your home private as it should be. But we are going against giants here, and the only way we can triumph against these data-sucking centralized assistants is to work together, as a community, so that people hear about Snips, build for Snips, and switch to Snips.

As a thank you to our 16,000+ developers, to our social media followers, to our early token sale contributors, and to all of you that will help us in the future, we are excited to announce that we will be giving away 5% of the initial AIR token supply, amounting to millions of euros of free AIR tokens!

What you can do with AIR tokens

Snips AIR is not just a voice assistant, it’s an entire voice ecosystem powered by the AIR token and blockchain. Although it is often seen as currency, we at Snips see tokens as a product design tool that helps build self-governed communities. Through the use of our token, we hope to prevent the kind of centralized control and censorship often seen in other consumer platforms. As such, the AIR token will have multiple utilities:

  • In the Snips App Store — you can use tokens to purchase apps, curate the apps in the store, publish your apps, review others’ apps, and other functions that make the token-curated app store a fair and fun experience. More on the Snips app store → here
  • For Machine Learning — you can use tokens to process data, train your models, and contribute data, all in a completely decentralized, encrypted, private-by-design way. More on Decentralized Machine Learning → here
  • For Data Generation — you can use tokens to run data generation campaigns, rewarding users for creating “fake” data that will then be used to train your assistants, even before they are launched. More on Decentralized Data Generation → here
  • For Governance of the Network — you can use tokens to vote for validators, software updates, and more. We published a dedicated Whitepaper on the AIR blockchain → here

How to earn free AIR tokens

There are multiple ways you can earn free AIR tokens: as a developer, you can create an app and publish it on our store, or invite a developer friend to do so. As a buyer of tokens, you can refer people to our token sale, or talk about us on social media and meetups. What matters is that you help. To get started, simply go to our AIR Bounty Program page, and follow the instructions.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of what you can do. For reference, each AIR token is worth €0.026, so 100 tokens = €2.60.

Refer a Friend to the Token Sale — For every €1 they purchase, you get 1 free token

To receive your referral code, you’ll first need to request tokens yourself via our website We do this in order to ensure that only those who really care about Snips get rewarded. And not only will you receive free tokens, referring people will also increase your chances of entering into our current sale that gives you a bonus of 100% (for each AIR token you purchase, you get 1 free)!

If you believe in our guiding mission of making technology disappear by putting an AI in every device, then you understand. This is a powerful move towards privacy and control. We want to make it easy for you to share that commitment with others. Every Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), EOS (EOS) or Euro (EUR) you contribute is a vote for privacy and for technology that helps you live your life without the burden of interruptions and tech addiction. That’s a future we can all get behind. When you refer a friend to the token sale, you’ll receive a commission on the amount your friend requests — for each 1 euro or equivalent value your friend requests, you’ll receive 1 AIR token, which is equivalent to a 2.6% commission!

Spread the Word — tokens vary by activity

Creating engaging content comes naturally to so many of you, so we want to make it fun by encouraging you to publish to your social networks and earn tokens! The more effort you put into creating content, the more tokens you will earn. Videos, blog posts, and meetup talks are great ways to share the love and earn tokens!

We are not asking you to shill Snips. We just want to find the people who are genuinely excited about what we’re trying to achieve at Snips, and give tokens to those who are believers in our mission. We want to see just how far the Snips community reaches, and ensure you get tokens as a big “thank you!” Think authentic, creative, powerful. And good news: you can already start earning tokens by sharing THIS post! Just share it on your preferred social networks or channels, and click here to declare the shares so we can start rewarding your actions. More ways to earn tokens from social sharing here.

Create a Voice App — 750 tokens for each app published

If you’re a developer or maker, join the Snips platform and start building voice apps for all your devices!

At Snips we love high-quality voice apps, and we incentivize and reward all efforts to contribute to our community. Unlike other app stores, where developers are charged exorbitant fees, have limited freedom on what they can build, and get kicked out arbitrarily, the Snips app store is different. We want developers to enjoy and profit from building voice apps, and our app store facilitates the relationship between the people offering a service and those seeking it, without trying to capture and control everything. You’ll receive tokens when your published app gets 10 unique downloads with a minimum rating of 3/5 in the Snips app store. And you’ll earn *BONUS* tokens, refreshed hourly, based on the number of new downloads you receive multiplied by the average rating for each of your published apps.

Invite a Developer — 300 tokens for you and your friend

Developers need friends too! Invite your programming pals to start using Snips and you’ll both come out on top.

What’s a community without friends to share big wins. When you join the Snips app store to build apps, you’ll want other developers around to download and rank your apps. And because we really believe our app store is unlike any other and truly benefits developers, we’re excited to reward you for getting your developer friends onboard the platform. You and your referral will both earn 300 tokens when your referral signs up for a new Snips account, validates their email, and executes a voice or text query in the Online App Builder. Get your unique referral code here.

Thank YOU for being with us on this ride. We would be nowhere without your help. Let’s make this happen!

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