When Snips meets Keecker, the home multimedia robot

An interview with Pierre, Founder and CEO of Keecker

Rand Hindi
Oct 19, 2017 · 3 min read

The first time I heard about Keecker was when they launched their kickstarter campaign in 2014. Back then, we had just started our own company, Snips, and I remember thinking “wow, I hope some day we can work on things like that!”.

Fast forward 3 years and it happened; Keecker chose to integrate Snips for the voice AI in their flagship product: a multimedia robot for the home. From projecting videos on walls and ceilings, to playing music and remotely monitoring the activity in your house, Keecker is a mind-blowing feat of engineering and design.

“Snips worked really well for us. The fact that their on-device technology enables voice interactions even when the robot is offline is a true differentiator for us.” — Pierre Lebeau, Founder and CEO, Keecker

Keecker integrated the Android version of Snips with a custom hotword “Hey Keecker!”. The voice AI runs on the robot itself, and doesn’t send anything to the cloud. This means offline capabilities for the device, Privacy by Design for consumers, and GDPR compliance for the manufacturer.

I went to visit Pierre Lebeau, founder and CEO of Keecker, to see a demo of his product in action. Check it out in the short video below!

If like Keecker you want to add voice to your product, get in touch directly with Stephen or me!

Check out more cool photos of Keecker below and hopefully you will want to order one too!

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