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SNOB Pairs Now Get PNG Rewards — Deposit in New SnowGlobes

In a landslide victory, a recent Pangolin proposal passed to give PNG rewards to SNOB liquidity providers. This proposal called for 1x rewards on the AVAX-SNOB pool and 3x rewards on the PNG-SNOB pool. These rewards follow the standard reward distribution for AVAX and PNG pools on Pangolin.

Today, this proposal is live and liquidity providers for both the AVAX-SNOB and PNG-SNOB pools now earn PNG rewards. Additionally, you can deposit into two new SnowGlobes that will compound rewards from these pools.

How to Earn PNG Rewards

To start earning PNG rewards you will need to become a liquidity provider for either the AVAX-SNOB or PNG-SNOB pools on Pangolin. To do this, you will need to get equal value amounts of the underlying tokens you want to supply liquidity for.

If you want to supply liquidity for the AVAX-SNOB pair you will need AVAX and SNOB, and if you want to supply liquidity for the PNG-SNOB pair you will need PNG and SNOB. Once you have your tokens, you will be able to supply liquidity on Pangolin.

Supply liquidity to the AVAX-SNOB pool here.

Supply liquidity to the PNG-SNOB pool here.

Deposit into New SnowGlobes

Once you supply liquidity to either the AVAX-SNOB or PNG-SNOB pools on Pangolin, you can deposit into SnowGlobes for each of these pairs.

Starting today these SnowGlobes are live. Deposit your liquidity pool receipt tokens to start auto-compounding your rewards.

Deposit into the new SnowGlobes here.

Contract Adresses

AVAX - SNOB liquidity pool: 0xa1C2c3B6b120cBd4Cec7D2371FFd4a931A134A32

AVAX - SNOB SnowGlobe: 0xF4072358C1E3d7841BD7AfDE31F61E17E8d99BE7

PNG - SNOB liquidity pool: 0x97B4957df08E185502A0ac624F332c7f8967eE8D

PNG - SNOB SnowGlobe: 0xB4db531076494432eaAA4C6fCD59fcc876af2734

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Snowball is an auto-compounder for liquidity rewards and an automated market maker (AMM) for stable assets. It is built on the Avalanche blockchain.

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