How to Use Synapse Bridge

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3 min readApr 8, 2022


Synapse Platform

Synapse is a universal cross-chain liquidity network. If you prefer a quick video, a tutorial on bridging USDC from BNB Chain to Avalanche can be found below:

This quick guide will get your tokens flowing from chain to chain by using Synapse Protocol.

NOTE: This guide covers a transfer from the BNB Chain to Avalanche, but it is applicable from and to many other chains.

Step 1 — Connect to a wallet

Synapse Protocol has multiple wallet options. MetaMask will be used for this guide.

Step 2 — Select networks

i. Select the network from the dropdown menu below.

ii. Pick the relevant network in the box that pops up.

Click on “Binance Smart Chain”

iii. You will then be prompted to switch your wallet to BNB Chain if it’s not already connected to that network.

Click on “Switch network”

Step 3 — Transfer

i. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and you will be prompted to approve your USDC spend.

ii. A MetaMask confirmation will pop-up to approve your spending of USDC, click “Confirm.”*

*Wait for the transaction to go through for the spending approval and once complete head to the next step.

iii. A MetaMask confirmation will pop-up to transfer your USDC tokens from the BNB chain to Avalanche. Click “Confirm.”*

Click “Bridge Token”
Click “Confirm”
After confirming on MetaMask, a small notification on the bottom right will display the ongoing process.

You can view the status of your transfer at the bottom of the page that says “Bridge Watcher:”

Once the confirmations are complete on BSC, the amount will be credited on Avalanche.
Bridging complete status will be displayed.

You should switch to your destination chain once the status shows complete. It should take 5–20 minutes during non-congested times.

Alternatively, you can also view your transaction status via the BSC Explorer or Avalanche Explorer.

Snowball Optimized Pools

Once your bridge transaction is complete you can stake your USDC.e on Snowball.

In addition, Snowball Earn provides multiple USDC.e staking options that can be done with as little as two to four steps using Snowball zappers.

Important note:

During the making of this guide, the gas price was 25 GWEI on Avalanche. During network congestion time it may take longer for the cross chain swap to complete, so it is advisable to conduct the swaps during less congested periods.
Gas price on Avalanche can be tracked here.